For your taste buds Lagarre Oysters

Discover our oysters bred for over a century. By tasting these oysters, you will discover the passion of a family transmitted in the tradition. 

The Fine Lagarre Oyster, more traditional: 

The Lagarre fine oyster (a little less fleshy) meets certain criteria in order to maintain our quality. The shape of the oyster, a perfect shell and a satisfactory meat content are necessary to delight our customers. 

The trendy oyster: "the special Lagarre oyster"

Like a great Bordeaux, we name a château... In the heart of the Marennes-Oléron basin, discover the "special Lagarre" oyster with a slight nutty taste (more fleshy, finer and longer in the mouth).             

Always at the top of the list and seducing connoisseurs, discover this tasty oyster of character selected by our greatest care: size and shape are a must.

Lagarre special oysters are selected and bred on quality sites chosen by us. A setting in claires is necessary to perfect a good quality of shells, refined its inimitable softness which will prolong its conservation. Discover on your table the success of "these oysters". Joy, good mood settles in. An art of know-how in the tradition of the Lagarre family.

The oyster beds are basins from former salt marshes rehabilitated with an average depth of 70 CM, fed with water by the movements of the tides which drain a rich food for the oysters which find their balance there. The geographical position, rainwater, sun, moon and clay sediment form a natural water purification phenomenon.

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