Oyster farmers from father to son Our history

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Oyster farming: a profession and a passion for a century

It all started at the beginning of the last century in the small village of Éguilles sur Seudre known for its typical port.

Paul Lagarre started with a wooden "hut". When it became too small, it was replaced by a permanent building where Georges Lagarre settled in the middle of the last century.

Situated upstream from a river, the Seudre, suffering from too much fresh water due to heavy winter rains which were not beneficial to the oysters, the company moved to Bourcefranc in the very heart of the Marennes-Oleron basin, the cradle of oyster farming, where our ancestors were already cultivating the flat oyster. Highly appreciated during ancient Rome, Julius Caesar himself went there to taste them, the great Roman families had them delivered at great expense to decorate their banquets, the flat oyster of "Mare Santorum" (Marennes-Oleron).